Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Overcrowded teeth no more a big problem:

So you have problem with your teeth just because these are overcrowded. So these do not look fine or simply it does not suit to your personality. So you want to get rid of these. In case of crooked or crowded teeth, here are so many problems people have to face due to crooked and crowded teeth. People can’t easily chew; they can’t even easily brush their teeth. In this way tooth loss and other dental disease might harm their teeth. Following are the problems people might have to face due to crowded teeth

  • No proper chewing

  • People could not bite things easily

  • Teeth could not cleaned easily

  • Brushing is too difficult on crowded teeth thus tooth loss may cause

  • So much stress on teeth, jaws and muscles that may cause lock jaw, or the loss of tooth

  • People may have difficulty in speaking like lisp

  • vague appearance of the face

  • So if you are facing any of the above mentioned problems you really need to visit
    Dentists in winnipeg in this regard. Once you got to know the facts about your teeth it become very easy to diagnose this problem. May be your dentist suggest some orthodontist who is expert in surgical treatment. Certainly this is big problem, if you can’t chew or bite with ease. If your face movement could not be done easily then consultation from Cosmetic Dentist becomes very necessary. So it’s all about to spend your life with ease.

    What is best treatment?

    Orthodontist will do some inspection by taking x-rays, photographs of your face. Along with he will also capture your teeth and face impression to decide what type of treatment will suit you. X-rays disclose all facts about your teeth, what their actual position is, how they are placed and where they are rooted exactly. It is very difficult to operate crowded teeth. It’s very difficult to disconnect teeth if they got rooted, every tooth is connected with brain and sometime it is very critical to displace such teeth. This structure is only visible through cephalometrics or panoramic X-rays clearly highlight the connection of teeth with jaws and brain. Sometimes it happens that your dentist might test your jaw on regular intervals to get information about the positioning of the teeth. They also try to take the impression of your teeth; this is done by taking your bite on soft material, to make accurate copy of your teeth, only to examine.

    Overcrowded teeth can be operated:

    City center dentist in this regard strongly recommends orthodontist for the people who have crowded teeth. Once you have been properly examined your orthodontist can better tell you what treatment can be good for your crooked or misaligned teeth. For misaligned teeth, orthodontist may recommend removable retainer or invisalign. These retainer may help to fix the teeth on the right place, it also help them to stabilize the teeth on the new position.

    In this way, the tooth position could be corrected. In case of overcrowded teeth, teeth need to be removed so that stress should be reduced on the lower jaw. After the removal of crowded teeth, retainers are placed to support the teeth so that they can be fixed on their place. Braces are necessary to correct the problem. In case of under bite or overbite, operation may be recommended by the orthodontist.


    DentalCare Canada said...

    Overcrowded teeth gives chewing problem, not brushing properly to the other teeth. Difficulty in speaking and appearance of face. By under going through cosmetic treatment even the appearance can change in a pleasant manner. Dentist in Ottawa offers regular check ups and provide advice to keep your teeth and dental clean.

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