Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Some secrets that your dentist wants you to know

 After having such bad habits of eating and drinking, most of us still have dentist phobia and they fear meeting a dentist. Everyone have their reasons. Some think it is embarrassing, some consider it expensive, some consider it dangerous and some even consider it useless. But one thing that we forget is that our mouth is the window of our health. If we are not having one of the best dental hygiene then it is quite possible that we end up having a lot of medical issues. Plus we also forget that we do not possess a great smile and some of us have even lost their smile because they don’t have clean and crystal teeth. But just to change such perceptions, in this article I will be discussing some of those very obvious secrets that your Dentist in Winnipeg wants you to know about dentistry.

Your Teeth are your personality boosters

According to a research when someone meets you in person, the very first thing he will notice about your personality is your eyes, and then he will notice your teeth, and then hairs. We have seen people spending a lot on their hairs, clothes and other personality boosters, but people fear spending on a dentist because they think that it is unnecessary. But the fact is dental care is as important as anything else is.

It takes more than just domestic care

Another secret is that people who fear Dental Winnipeg are the one who fantasize about different celebrities. They love their appearances, their personalities, and most importantly their smiles. But they think that brushing teeth two times at home will do that job to have a smile like this. But the fact is it is impossible to have perfect teeth like them without taking help from dentist. It takes more than just domestic oral care, it takes treatments like teeth cleansing, teeth whitening, and teeth polishing to get a perfect celebrity smile.

X-Rays are essential

A lot of people fear visiting Dentist Winnipeg because they fear x-rays and other formalities involved. They think that X-rays spreads harmful radiations in their body when a dentist will take their x-rays. But the fact is that one hour spent outdoor under sunlight have more radiations than x-rays. And it is very essential in a lot of cases to predict accurately. Because after all dentists are not magicians they need to have a comprehensive and accurate report to suggest you something.

Take care of your gums

Your gums are the very important part of your body. What will you do if your hand, feet or head will bleed? You will suddenly visit a medic and have it stopped. But a lot of people take gum bleeding way to lightly, they think that it is just normal gum bleeding which can be cured by gargling. But as a matter of fact it is the initial stage of any worse oral disease.

Value for money

A lot of people think that dental treatments are way too expensive and dentists are mostly over charging. But the fact is that every dentist spends a lot of time and expertise in your dental treatments like root canals, crown etc. They take time and pain and a lot of knowledge for which your dentists have paid for while studying dentistry. And it is their right to charge you money while giving you value for money. You shouldn’t be looking at the price he will charge for his sincere services. You should be looking at the sincere services he will give you for some price.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Facts that you don’t know about Massage Therapy

We are living in one of the maverick era mankind ever faced. And due to this fast and swift nature of our age, stress is now more into people’s life than ever before. In the quest of success everyone is working hard and rigid. But while all of this we forget that we are human beings after all. We have a body which contains a certain capacity to bear stress and strain. And when our body has enough of it, it gets tired, lazy and sluggish. And one cannot achieve anything with such body condition. Human body is very much similar to machine, after some wear and tear it requires proper repair which can make him competent enough to work and more importantly work toward different aims in life. Though there are so many artificial and unnatural repairs of human body are available nowadays in the form of different drugs and medicines which can shoo away your stress. But always remember they come along with a lot of side effects as well. And what is the point of getting yourself out of a misery while making you more miserable. That is why so many doctors and experts recommend a natural repair of body. It is widely known as Massage therapy. But whenever this word is being spoken and heard people consider this is just as a soothing therapy which will help you feel good and rejoiced. But the fact is massage therapy is much more than that, and in this article I will be discussing some very useful facts that people does not know about massage therapy.

Clean your body

Do you know that massage is the best cleanser of your body? By having Massage in Winnipeg you can reduce and even get rid of all the impure fluids in your body, and can make it look more pure and clean. When massage is being done it creates friction in your body which increase the flow of lymph in your body, and flow of lymph increases the overall immunity of your body. So all those people who want to have a pure skin and immune body should have a Therapy Winnipeg today.

Grow muscles faster

Massage helps your muscles to grow better and faster. Yes, massage increases the flow of blood across the body. And blood is the one who distribute all the nutrients across the body that is why massage helps muscles to gain nutrients more efficiently and effectively.

Bring awareness

Massage makes you more aware about your body conditions. A lot of times it happens that we do not know that we do have any particular sort of pain or stress in some part of our body until or unless Massage in Winnipeg actually put pressure on those areas and helps you remove them. Different people have different body types. Some have a stiff body posture, and some does not. Body type which is not very stiff and rigid can lose its balance or stance when have to deal with stress and strain. Massage therapy can also help you gain your lost body balance and makes you more concentrated about your body and you literally start feeling some numb muscles on your body.

Shoo-away injuries and scars

Massage is the best way to shoo away injury and reduce the scar tissues. As I have discussed that massage increases the blood and lymph flow across that body that is why sportsmen or athlete who have injuries when have massage their injured muscle’s nutrition in take increases and they heal quickly. Plus if you have any scar on your body, massage can help you reduce it by making your tissues reproduction faster.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Feeling stressed? Get a massage in Winnipeg

This world is a tough place. There are no free lunches. From the day one in order to survive, it requires everyone to work. Work of different styles. None can survive without working. And work has always tough nature. Because if it is easy, it is not work. Work always brings something to us, sometimes a lot of rewards, sometimes a lot of money, and every time a lot of stress and strain. But to fight against such stress and strain the technique of massage was created by our ancestors. Human body naturally reacts against stress and strain when properly massaged. Massage is the great technique to take away all the stress and strain of the day. Massage is always very relaxing and acts as a stress buster. But massage is not just important to feel relaxed and calm. There are bigger reasons than this to get massage in Winnipeg. What if I tell you that stress can cause a lot of ailments and can encourage a lot of disease to catch your body?

Massage the stress buster

So many experts say that a lot of diseases and ailments in a human body are stress related. When a human body gets fatigue or lost its energy may be a proper sleep would revitalize the energy back. But the stress remains in the body. This causes the high blood pressure, Increase anxiety. You lose your concentration about work and different things, as the mind is more concentrating on pains in different parts of the body. However, Massage in Winnipeg can help you in so many body related issues. Massage in Winnipeg would not only relax your body and decrease the anxiety. But it also helps you achieve lower blood pressure and after getting massage in Winnipeg you can have a better sleep and better concentration.

Relaxing and soothing

Therapy in Winnipeg would also help you integrate your mind and your body. So many researches say that stress causes mood swings, anger and irritation in our daily lives. When muscles are in stress and pain the brain remains busy and irate. But therapist in Winnipeg helps you remove your muscle stress. And this is a great elixir for good health and good mood as well. Massage in Winnipeg is the best technique to balance your emotions. And if the therapy in Winnipeg is been taken in a good and balanced frequency it can lead you to live a stress free, tension free relaxed and happy life.
Today, a lot of people use different types of medicines, tablets and several types of artificial cures to fight against stress. And they all come up with different a lot of side effects. But therapy in Winnipeg on the other hand is the natural medicine, which helps human body to fight against stress naturally. Because human body have a natural ability to heal itself.
Massage the natural pain killer

Therapy in Winnipeg comes with a large list of benefits. It helps pump oxygen through the connective tissues of the human body and make all the vital organs active. Massage in Winnipeg also helps increase those cells that fight against cancer in human body. Massage helps human body to become more agile and active as it relaxes the joints and make them more flexible. Massage in Winnipeg also reduces the cramping and spasms.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Are you tired? Do you want to get relaxed? Then get Massage in Winnipeg today

The modern life has become so busy and stressful. Many over worked professionals relax and soothe their tired and injured muscles by getting message in Winnipeg. Dentists in Winnipeg have made it easy for its customers to get all that they need in one place. Now you can get complete solution to your gums and teeth problems, along with massage in Winnipeg. There is no need to visit a spa separately to get your muscles and tissues relaxed. Isn’t it great that now you can get a message in Winnipeg on the same day when you visit therapist Winnipeg carry out your dental surgery or clean your teeth by scaling?
 Let us discuss in detail about massage in Winnipeg!

Why you should get a massage in Winnipeg?

Massage has many health benefits, which includes:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • Improvement of concentration
  • Increase of blood circulation
  • Cures muscle stiffness
  • Healing of Sports-related injuries
  • Enhancement of sleep quality
  • Pain reduction
  • Reduced fatigue

  • Besides these, massage can also help patient suffering from headache, migraine, asthma, arthritis and sometimes Cancer. However, such patients should always consult their doctors before getting a massage.
    Do you know that therapists in Winnipeg will not only manipulate your muscles and connected tissues but also pamper your senses? Yes, you will experience spa-like environment while getting message in Winnipeg.

    Which kinds of Massage you can get in Winnipeg?

    Do you know that you can get different types of massage therapies in Winnipeg? Yes, there are different types of massage in Winnipeg with their specific significance and health benefits.

  • TMJ massage

  • The TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) connects the mandible to the brain. It contributes to the acts of chewing, swallowing, talking and making facial expressions. Dentists in Winnipeg can help patients of TMJ syndrome and other TMJ disorders. But apart from getting dental treatments from the dentist, TMJ massage is also recommended for such patients.
    TMJ disorders can by caused by injuries, headaches, stress, dental surgery or oral workouts, teeth grinding and clenching during sleep, etc. Mostly, dentists craft mouth guards from preventing TMJ from displacement. However, TMJ massage in Winnipeg is ideal from relieving from Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders.

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Cranial Sacral or Craniosacral therapy is also known as CST. It is an alternative medicine therapy highly practiced by massage therapists Winnipeg, physiotherapists, chiropractors.

  • Hot stone Massage

  • In hot stone massage therapy, smooth and flat stones are heated and placed on the key joins of a person’s back, between toes and palm of one’s hand. Sometimes, the massage therapist Winnipeg may hold the stones in hand for massaging on different areas of the body.
    This type of massage was used in the ancient times. The hot stomas are usually made of basalt rock which is rich in iron. The therapists prefer suing river stones because they are smooth. The stones are immersed in water and heated till they reach a certain temperature. Mostly, oil is applied on the body before placing the hot stones. Sometimes hot stones are placed indirectly on one’s back– on towel.
    The heat of these stones relaxes the muscles and enables the therapists to apply more pressure. However, in case of inflammation, Cool marble stones are used during a treatment.
    Hot stone massage is suitable for people having chilly or cold feet, insomnia, arthritis, back ache, depression, anxiety, poor blood circulation and Osteoarthritis.
    The hot store massage is not suitable immediately after surgeries, chemotherapy or radiation, on infectious skin disease, bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumours, abdominal hernia, or on areas of recent fractures.

  • Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage

  • Relaxation massage is ideal for patients suffering from chronic stress and depression. Over-worked professionals also need relaxation massage to relieve stiffness and pain of muscles. Not just this, relaxation massage is also helpful for relieving headaches, backache and next ache.

    Monday, 3 September 2012

    All you need to know about Root Canal Treatment

    One should regularly visit dentists in Winnipeg for general check-up even if one has no problem with teeth or gums. This is because prevention is always better than cure. The tooth decay can be prevented by taking proper cleaning of teeth and visiting the dentist Winnipeg. The dentist can diagnose the problem on time and save you from further problems and sufferings. Here we will discuss all that one should know about root canal; when root canal is needed, why it is essential, how it is done and other useful information.

    When is Root Canal Required?

    Root Canal is a natural space within the root of a tooth which contains pulp chamber - the coronal portion of the tooth and branches of root that connects with each other to the surface of the root. Root canal treatment or surgery is required when the outer layer of the teeth which protects the dental pulp is damaged. The saliva and bacteria causes infection. The pulp is a soft tissue which contains blood vessels and the nerves. If the infection reaches the nerves it makes the pulp dead which results in further spreading of the bacterial infection which might result in tooth loss or many other serious implications, including jaw bone infection. In such situation, a person feels severe pain in the nerves of the tooth, accompanied by intolerable hot and cold sensation when one intake hot or cold food. Sometimes the gums swell. All this shows that the nerve is dying and the person need root canal treatment. A person also needs a root canal treatment when any of the teeth is affected by any injury, especially when anything hits a person, like, while playing sports or due to an accident. The person does not feel any symptom, but the dentist can tell the damage by simply looking at the colour of the tooth. The tooth becomes darker in colour as compared to the neighbouring teeth. If ignored, one might have to suffer later as tooth nerve can degenerate without any sign. To prevent injuries, sportsmen use sports mouth guards. But accidents can occur without any intimation so one should immediately go to dentist in Winnipeg for complete dental check up to find if the accident has affected the person’s teeth.

    Why not extract the tooth instead of Root Canal?

    It is easy to find out when root canal treatment is inevitable. You only have to visit dentists in Winnipeg for check up. Dentist Winnipeg will take X-ray of your troubling tooth and diagnose the issue. Let the dentist decide what is better for you, root canal or pulling out of the tooth. Many people think that it is better to get rid of the permanent teeth than getting a root canal from dental Winnipeg. This is mainly because people are afraid of the pain and time root canal treatment takes. Taking the teeth out is not a better solution because on losing the natural teeth, one might get jaw problem, teeth alignment or spaces between teeth. Getting an implant or bridge will cost you more than the root canal treatment.

    How is Root Canal done?

    Root canal treatment is done by almost all qualified dentists in Winnipeg, who have specialized in Endodontics. First of the entire dentist Winnipeg prepares your mouth for the treatment with an anaesthesia injection, so that you do not feel any pain. After this, a rubber shield is placed for keeping saliva away from the infected teeth where root canal treatment is required. After this a hole is made through the teeth to reach to the pulp chamber and the root canal system of the affected tooth. The dentist Winnipeg than remove the infected pulp tissue from this hole and clean the canal and chamber. Then the hold is filled with a harmless filling material. A crown is than placed above the filling to cover the tooth to prevent it from further infection. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the root canal treatment has become quite painless. The patient will feel slight pain however the filling procedure is entirely painless. Dentists usually prescribe a medicine to relieve any pain or discomfort.

    Wednesday, 1 August 2012

    Can Diet affect our Oral Health?

    According to Therapist Winnipeg, people should take healthy diet. It has been observed that unhealthy food affects once oral health adversely. How can we determine that which type of food is good for our teeth, and which is not? Let’s see which food items are not healthy for our oral health:

    What type of diet is bad for our teeth?

    People love drinking soft drinks, unknowingly that that they are being cruel to their teeth. Yes, it is true. According to World Health Organization (WHO) soft drinks can damage our teeth. After our milk teeth are gone in our childhood, we are only left with our permanent teeth. So why not take care of them in time, than to undergo expensive treatments, surgeries and implants.

  • Who said Dry fruits are healthy for teeth?

  • Besides soft drinks, dry fruits, including raisins often cause damages to our teeth. However, there are some fellows who hold the opinion that dry fruits are good for health. Well, they can be right when it comes to walnut but not other dry fruits! Dates, raisins and figs are not only rich in sugar but are sticky. They often stuck between one’s teeth for hours and cause decay. It is recommended to use floss or rinse one mouth immediately after eating these dry fruits. Brushing does not remove raisins and dates if they are stuck between the teeth.

  • Avoid Sugar as much possible:

  • Sugar in any form; honey, brown sugar, refined sugar, etc is not good for our oral health. Sugar helps in the metabolism of bacteria in our oral cavity which later turns sugar into acids that consequently dissolves the structure of teeth. It is not the amount of sugar you take that can be harmful to teeth, but how often you in take food with sugar as main ingredient. Enjoying your favorite dessert, once in a blue moon is definitely alright, but eating sugary diet after every two or three hours, will dissolve the enamel and have other bad affects on your oral health. If you are very much fond of food containing sugar, then try not to eat them at snack time but with your meals. ‘What will that do?’ you must be having these thoughts in your mind, right? Well. The reason for this is that a lot of saliva is produced at meals, which convert the sugar into a mineral substance and thus the enamel stays protected. It is recommended to brush one’s teeth properly twenty minutes after every meal, so enamel is not dissolved by the acid and also to prevent the formation of bacteria. This helps teeth stay healthy, to last as long as one lives.

  • Is Alcohol good for teeth?

  • We should avoid intake of alcohol as it dries the mouth and reduces saliva production.

    Which food is good for our oral health?

    Dentists in Winnipeg recommends that one should adopt a healthy life style. Eating healthy food, like nuts, fresh fruits, raw vegetables and yogurt, is not only beneficial for one overall health but it also helps in maintaining good teeth and gums.

    Eat Cranberries:
    Add cranberries to your diet. They have certain property which helps cure cavities and periodontal diseases.

    Use Sugar-less Chewing Gums:

    Using sugarless chewing gums or flavored ones with sugar substitute is good for our gums and teeth. Chewing produces saliva which is good for teeth. That’s the reason why our elders tell us to chew our food properly. Why is Saliva so beneficial for teeth? You must be wondering, right? Well, Saliva flushes acids from our mouth and helps prevent dissolving of teeth and decay. It has antimicrobial and antifungal compounds that prevent us from oral infections. Not just this, Saliva also contains Calcium and Phosphate ions which makes the enamel strong.

    Green Tea:

    Drinking green tea is also good for our oral health as it helps fight bacteria, controls oral cancer, and prevents inflammation, cavities and other gum diseases. It also makes our breath fresh and smell good, as it kills the microbes that make our breath malodorous.

    Don’t just Say Cheese, eat Cheese!

    Did you ever wonder why people say ‘Cheese’ while their photograph is being taken? Cheese is good for our smile, because eating cheese is beneficial to our teeth. Cheese is high in pH which neutralizes acids and prevents teeth from decaying. So nest time when your photograph is being taken do not just say cheese, also eat cheese to make your smile look beautiful!

    Tuesday, 24 July 2012

    How to take care of Sensitive Teeth?

    In medical terminology, tooth sensitivity is commonly known as root sensitivity or Dentin hypersensitivity. Sensitive teeth require proper care. If you neglect your oral and dental health you might suffer from other types of serious ailments.

    How to Prevent Sensitivity?

    Are you a health conscious person who believes that ‘Prevention is better than cure’? Do you want to know how you can take proper care of your oral heath to prevent Dentin hypersensitivity? If your replies to these questions are in affirmative, then you should visit Dentists in Winnipeg for routine check up after every four or six months. The dentist Winnipeg will not only diagnose any problem in advance so that it can be treated on time. Not just this, proper brushing of teeth is also helps in prevention of sensitivity. Many times people damage their enamel by improper bruising.

    How to find out if you have sensitive teeth?

    If you feel tingly and pain whenever you drink or eat anything cold, hot, sweet, or any food having acid ingredients – such as grapes, raisins etc. Then you have sensitive teeth and you should take help from Dentists in Winnipeg.

    What are the Causes of Sensitivity of Teeth?

    There can be many reasons and causes for sensitivity of teeth. Following are a few of them:

  • Loss of Enamel or Cementum:
  • Enamel is the covering of the crown of a tooth and cementum covers the root of the teeth. Sometimes, tooth sensitivity is caused if one has problems related to the enamel, such as thinness, abrasion and the loss of enamel. Apart from enamel, the loss of Cementum can also cause sensitivity. Cementum is not as hard as the enamel; therefore it wears away very easily.
  • Receded gums or periodontal disease:
  • Receded gums also causes of tooth sensitivity. The gums recede either due to age or improper brushing of teeth. As the gums recede, the cementum leaves the root and the dentin is exposed, this makes gives tingling sensation whenever one eats or drinks anything cold, hot or sweet.

    Can home remedies help for relieving sensitivity?

    Using soft bristle tooth brush and a Fluoride toothpaste helps relieve sensitive feeling of teeth, as Fluoride makes the enamel thick and strong. Oral hygiene – proper brushing and flossing, also plays important part in preventing gums from receding and keeping the gums and teeth healthy. Many times the patient neglects the importance of visiting the dentist Winnipeg, which makes the problem even worse and sometimes one has to undergo tooth extraction, root canal treatment or other type of expensive therapies.

    Treatments to cure the sensitivity of teeth:

    Sometimes, sensitivity of teeth is due to cavities or any kind of damage to the tooth enamel. For this one should to take appointment from Dentists in Winnipeg. Mostly, sensitivity due to cavities can be cured by restoration. But of it is by the dint of gum infection then the Dentist Winnipeg can clean the area or give therapy Winnipeg to the patient to ease the pain and sensitivity.

    Are Juices and Smoothies good for Teeth?

    Do you ask your encourage your children to drink smoothies and juices? Many parents think that drinking fruit juices and smoothies are good for their children health but they are mistaken! I know you much be surprised to read this, but it is true. The fruit juices and smoothies comprises of acids and sugar. The more the children intake juices and smoothies, the more damage it will cause to their teeth, as the combination of high acid levels and sugar is not good for the dental health of the children. If you are having sensitive teeth or gums then you should not intake juices, smoothies, carbonated drinks and brewages. As these drinks often have acids and substances that can rotten or decay one’s teeth and cause many other problems. Acidic diets like citrus fruits, juices, pickets and sodas can cause tooth erosion, dissolve the tooth surface which will expose dentin, which will result in sensitivity of teeth.

    Monday, 18 June 2012

    Increase your face value – Smile

    ‘Smile and the world smiles with you’, goes a famous saying. This might be true for some but many times acting upon these words can often be embarrassing and humiliating.
    Many people are afraid to laugh out their hearts to express their happiness and excitement, as they fear of chagrin, if people get a sight of their teeth. Do you often face such situation that when you smile people stares at you dumbfounding in disgust? Dentists in Winnipeg have a solution for your problem.

    How to impress people with your Smile?

    Besides cleaning and polishing your teeth and get teeth whitening treatment from Dental Winnipeg, you also need to correct your smile. If you think that your teeth are missing and are not aligned then cosmetic dentistry is what you need to enhance your appearance.
    Besides improving your smile cosmetic dentistry also correct your bite and relives you from pain and other dental disorders.

    Improve your smile with Teeth alignment:

    Have you seen people with irregular, rotated, crowded or protruding teeth? Do you feel like closing your eyes, as you cannot stand them smiling or laughing? Can you ask the person to avoid smiling before you? Of course, it is disgraceful and rude to ask a person to see a dentist immediately or smile without showing their teeth. So how will you make the person realize the importance of teeth alignment treatment?
    Well, you can say, things like, ‘Oh your teeth, do you often feel chewing problems, toothache or discomfort able jaws? If they reply you in affirmative then you can suggest them to visit Dentists in Winnipeg for teeth alignment. This will not only make their smile bearable but also cure their chewing problems, jaw discomfort and also prevent grinding of their teeth.
    Apart from improving one’s smile, proper teeth alignment is necessary for improving one’s bite and preventing breaking of a tooth while eating anything hard. It also prevents from causing cavities and toothache. Improper teeth alignment often lowers one’s self-esteem. It causes many serious issues like distortion of facial figure, clenching of jaws which also leads to continuous headaches. People who have a rotated tooth or have crowded teeth then they should take an appointment from an Orthodontist at Dental Winnipeg for dental alignments. Alignments are usually removable; one can take them out when going on a meeting, functions or when someone is taking your photograph.

    Reshape your teeth:

    If all your teeth are not of the same shape then you can reshape them to enhance their beauty and attractiveness. Reshaping of teeth does not mean that you should make your molar teeth exactly of the same shape as the canines. It means that canines should look exactly like canine teeth and molars should match the rest of your molar teeth.

    Bonding and crowns:

    Bonding is a tooth coloured material that is used to either fill gaps between teeth, fill the small cavities or to cover the front teeth to change their colour or shape. You can get bonding in a single sitting. Do you have broken teeth? Is it difficult for you to clean broken teeth? If so, then you must see Dentists in Winnipeg. They will prevent your teeth from further problems by covering your broken teeth with porcelain crowns. So if you want to fill the gaps between your teeth to enhance your smile then visit Dental Winnipeg for bonding and other cosmetic treatments for your teeth and gums.

    Get Coloured braces to colour your smile!

    Do you wear shoes and accessories that match with the colour of your attire? If so, then why not wear coloured braces to match with your dress? Young girls, especially teenagers either ask Dental Winnipeg for colourful rings for their braces or ask them to match their bracer with the colour of the dress that they intend to wear at a party.

    Thursday, 17 May 2012

    Is oral hygiene important for Oral Health?

    Everyone has become so busy in their lives that one can hardly manage to take out time for one’s health, especially when it comes about dental and oral health. Unless, there is some serious problem, people do not take proper care of their health. If they have toothache, they will try to tolerate for as long as they can, till it get severe. Sometimes, one has to extract a tooth and then bear all the expenses of an implant, bridge or a denture.

    Why do we wait till it becomes unbearable?

    I wonder why many of us have to wait till the problems becomes acute? We should take our dental health as serious as we take our work. We can manage work somehow later but can permanent teeth come back after it is extracted? Now, you would say that one can get an implant later instead of missing a business trip for the sake of a dentist’s appointment. Believe me this is not a good attitude. Implants are quite expensive and it takes one’s time. You cannot get a tooth implant in a single sitting. So why waste time, natural teeth and money later on, when you can maintain a healthy lifestyle?

    Why is dental cleaning Important?

    'Prevention is always better than the cure’- is a famous saying. Albeit we all have been hearing this since our childhood, yet we hardly act upon this sage advice. Dental health affects our overall health therefore we should take proper care of our teeth and gums. If we maintain a healthy lifestyle we can avoid many problems in the future. Do you often forget to clean our teeth before going to bed? Many people get tired so by the end of the day that they fell on their bed as soon as they finish their dinner. I used to do this too. Due to this, I had to go to Dentist Winnipeg for a root canal last month. Now I always keep my mouthwash, tooth paste and brush with me wherever I go. It takes few minutes to clean my teeth after eating anything sweet. You can do this too!

    Is brushing enough?

    Some people think that brushing is enough for maintaining proper oral hygiene. They are unaware that the tooth brush might not reach every part of the teeth. Use of floss and mouthwash are also very important. Flossing removes plaque, tartar and food residue that a toothbrush cannot reach while rinsing with a mouthwash kills bacteria. Besides, flossing, brushing, gargling and rinsing at home, one should visit Dentist Winnipeg for complete cleaning, which includes: scaling, polishing, teeth whitening treatments and fluoride treatments. Routine dental checkups, after every four or six months prevents many oral diseases.

    Take proper care of your tooth brush:

    Do you know that it is essential to take proper care of your tooth brush? You cannot change your brush every day, so it is better to keep it properly. After each use, wash it properly with water, shake it gently to dry the bristles and place then place it in an upright position. Wet and unclean toothbrush hosts germs, fungus and bacteria. When travelling, do not forget to cover it with a plastic tooth brush cover. It will keep your brush safe from wear and tear.

    What is the right time to replace a toothbrush?

    Toothbrushes do not come with an expiry date and because of this, many of us think that we can continue using the same brush until the bristles wear and tear and lose its effectiveness. We should change our toothbrush after every three months. A tooth brush become breading place for bacteria, germs and fungus if one has flu, cold, sore throat or infection. It is recommended to replace one’s tooth brush after one is ill, to prevent re-infection.

    When should we go for dental checkups?

    Mostly people visit a dentist when they have serious issues, like severe toothache, cavities, gingivitis, broken or missing tooth, bleeding gums etc. However, it is recommended to visit a dentist bi-annually or quarterly for general check up. Dental checkups are necessary as they help in detecting and diagnosing dental problems on time.