Monday, 3 September 2012

All you need to know about Root Canal Treatment

One should regularly visit dentists in Winnipeg for general check-up even if one has no problem with teeth or gums. This is because prevention is always better than cure. The tooth decay can be prevented by taking proper cleaning of teeth and visiting the dentist Winnipeg. The dentist can diagnose the problem on time and save you from further problems and sufferings. Here we will discuss all that one should know about root canal; when root canal is needed, why it is essential, how it is done and other useful information.

When is Root Canal Required?

Root Canal is a natural space within the root of a tooth which contains pulp chamber - the coronal portion of the tooth and branches of root that connects with each other to the surface of the root. Root canal treatment or surgery is required when the outer layer of the teeth which protects the dental pulp is damaged. The saliva and bacteria causes infection. The pulp is a soft tissue which contains blood vessels and the nerves. If the infection reaches the nerves it makes the pulp dead which results in further spreading of the bacterial infection which might result in tooth loss or many other serious implications, including jaw bone infection. In such situation, a person feels severe pain in the nerves of the tooth, accompanied by intolerable hot and cold sensation when one intake hot or cold food. Sometimes the gums swell. All this shows that the nerve is dying and the person need root canal treatment. A person also needs a root canal treatment when any of the teeth is affected by any injury, especially when anything hits a person, like, while playing sports or due to an accident. The person does not feel any symptom, but the dentist can tell the damage by simply looking at the colour of the tooth. The tooth becomes darker in colour as compared to the neighbouring teeth. If ignored, one might have to suffer later as tooth nerve can degenerate without any sign. To prevent injuries, sportsmen use sports mouth guards. But accidents can occur without any intimation so one should immediately go to dentist in Winnipeg for complete dental check up to find if the accident has affected the person’s teeth.

Why not extract the tooth instead of Root Canal?

It is easy to find out when root canal treatment is inevitable. You only have to visit dentists in Winnipeg for check up. Dentist Winnipeg will take X-ray of your troubling tooth and diagnose the issue. Let the dentist decide what is better for you, root canal or pulling out of the tooth. Many people think that it is better to get rid of the permanent teeth than getting a root canal from dental Winnipeg. This is mainly because people are afraid of the pain and time root canal treatment takes. Taking the teeth out is not a better solution because on losing the natural teeth, one might get jaw problem, teeth alignment or spaces between teeth. Getting an implant or bridge will cost you more than the root canal treatment.

How is Root Canal done?

Root canal treatment is done by almost all qualified dentists in Winnipeg, who have specialized in Endodontics. First of the entire dentist Winnipeg prepares your mouth for the treatment with an anaesthesia injection, so that you do not feel any pain. After this, a rubber shield is placed for keeping saliva away from the infected teeth where root canal treatment is required. After this a hole is made through the teeth to reach to the pulp chamber and the root canal system of the affected tooth. The dentist Winnipeg than remove the infected pulp tissue from this hole and clean the canal and chamber. Then the hold is filled with a harmless filling material. A crown is than placed above the filling to cover the tooth to prevent it from further infection. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the root canal treatment has become quite painless. The patient will feel slight pain however the filling procedure is entirely painless. Dentists usually prescribe a medicine to relieve any pain or discomfort.


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