Friday, 23 August 2013

Whitening Toothpastes

White pearl teeth is the desire of everyone, people do their best effort to maintain their silver white teeth. Many types of toothpaste in market contain fluoride that not only strengthen your teeth but does not contain bleach for whitening the teeth. Toothpastes can only clean your teeth, but does not make your teeth white. The concept of whitening teeth is different; here are special whitening products which contains specific compounds for teeth whitening like carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. The mixture of these compounds helps to bring whiteness deep in your tooth.

By using the whitening toothpastes recommended by Cosmetic Dentist, may effects your teeth 10 percent. But when whiteining treatment is done at dentist clinic it will make your teeth pearl white as ever.

But many people find comfort at home, here is whitening strips and gels that people can easily apply to their teeth. It’s very easy to apply with a tiny brush on the surface of your teeth. If you apply whitening gel on your teeth, this treatment should be done twice within a couple of week. The result might not be as evident as it may after three to four months, so don’t get worry if you are not getting immediate results by using whitening gel. For teeth whitening strips are also recommended by some of the dentist. The strips are required to apply for 30 minutes twice within a couple of week. You will see the whitening effects in few days or it may take three to four months for best results.

Whitening Rinses
 Her is another best product for teeth whitening that is called whitening rinses. It’s just like mouthwash, refresh your breath and help to reduce the plaque from your teeth. But these mouthwashes also contain the element like hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. It’s so simple to use them; you can use them after doing lunch or taking meal. No need to do brush, just swish a little amount of mouthwash in your mouth and get the better results. By using teeth whitening products it helps to reduce the cost of Cosmetic Dentistry.
Most of the dentists Winnipeg believe that mouthwashes are not so much effective as compared to other teeth whitening products. Would you think a treatment which takes only two minutes is more effective than the treatment of 30 minutes? So it may have a timely effect but it will not have a long lasting effect.

Tray-Based Tooth Whiteners:

Some Teeth Whitening treatment is based on the nature of discoloration; it is the level of discoloration that helps the cosmetic dentist to prescribe the treatment to the patient. If the discoloration of teeth is of severe kind then dentist recommend tray-based tooth whiteners. It contains the filling a mouth guard like-tray that consists of gel whitening solution. The tray is applied over the teeth for a couple of hours or may be every day or may be for four weeks. The duration may last long depend on the whitening level you want to achieve.

At dentist clinic, bleaching treatment is done by applying bleaching product on the teeth with the combination of heat or laser. Results are visible in 30 to 60 minutes. This treatment is so quick, sometimes several sitting re required depending on the nature of whitening.

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