Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pucker up all the secrets of cavities in your teeth

Cavity is the first stage that leads to tooth decay. Majority of the people don’t bother if they have cavity among their teeth. In east they relate this notion as a good luck charm. In ancient times, in Europe it is linked with measuring the character’s strength, as Geoffrey Chaucer illustrate his character of “wife of Bath” by spotlighting her as gap toothed women. But all these notions are proven futile with the advancement of modern technology, when the truth is unleashed that cavity does not belong to any good luck charm. It is the sign of tooth decay called gingivitis.
So are you ready to face the tooth decay and tooth discoloration. Yes, it does happen when cavity exists in the roots of your teeth, your tooth enamel and dentin both is affected. Gum diseases are natural and most common is gingivitis, gum bleeding and tooth sensitivity are more risky. Before we proceed, I want you to know the reasons behind this dental problem.

How does it occur?
Cavity occurs due to tooth decay. Unhealthy eating habits like food containing sugar and starch increase acidity level in the mouth. The remaining particles of food in association with acids and saliva make plaque which is harmful for teeth. Plaque is yellow layer on teeth. That destroys the enamel of the teeth and causes cracks in the teeth called cavities. Cavity is the problem of every age group and its rate is higher in elder people due to ageing it is also common in adults. Plaque is often filled in the roots of teeth. The main cause of tooth decay is the deficiency of fluoride and calcium in adults that appeals Dental Implants Winnipeg.

Regular check-up for consistent care ?

Many people don’t know that their teeth are facing some severe disease. Such disease can only be spotlighted by your Dentists in winnipeg. What you really need is regular checkup and consultation with your doctor. You can easily get the idea what is happening with your teeth by taking X-ray. Another symptom of tooth decay is toothache after taking hot or cold food. So a regular check-up is crucial for extensive care.
How can it be treated?

However this disease can be cured easily, here are numerous treatments are available to fight with this disease. The decayed tooth can be replaced by drilling and can be filled with silver, gold or the porcelain alloy. Here are opinions about the safety of mercury or silver amalgam, but it is now approved that the refilling made by such material is not harmful. Another way out from this problem is crowning, if the tooth case is on extensive level then the decayed part of the tooth is repaired and the crown made of silver, gold porcelain is fixed over the decayed teeth. However, Cosmetic dentists Winnipeg can better ensure the safety of your teeth in this regard. Here is another treatment for tooth decay that is called root canal. In such treatment a nerve or pulp is to be cut down. The decayed part of the tooth is removed by cutting down the blood vessel, tissue. The roots of the teeth is afterwards are refilled with a substance or crowned if required. Don’t waste your time if you feeling sensitivity in your teeth. Consult with your dentist.

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