Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Do not follow your obsession your teeth are priceless

It’s human nature, that people idealize public figures and after sometime tear them down. But why we do that because human nature wants some stimulus, something to aspire them but unfortunately our standards are incredibly too high and we blindly follow the new trends leaving behind the older one. Same is the plight of our body features, we want to adopt the smile of a celebrity, in this endeavor we consult with cosmetic dentist sometimes we find comfort in cosmetic surgery. But still unsatisfied, then we try to reshape our teeth so that we can get the same smile. During this course a scandal is exposed and the celebrity lost his/her charm in the eyes of its fans. The one single misstep of these icons is enough to disappoint you, and you find that all your efforts have been trashed.

Everything you possess is perfect:

So what we are doing with ourselves, we are following blindly these fashion trends, iconic figures and thus playing with our gifted features, is it right? Certainly not, in order to satisfy the aesthetic senses these steps can prove fatal. It is advised by the Winnipeg cosmetic dentist to treat you when required. Every person is complete the god-gifted features makes you different from others, you have your own identity so don’t follow this blind passion. Reshaping of teeth is recommended to those people who are facing tooth decay problem, lesion or facing some kind of tooth injury. If your teeth are cracked or chipped means damaged in any way then bonding, crowns, veneers, and re-contouring are the options for such dental problems.

Recommended treatments for patients not for fashion followers:

Patients who are in serious trouble can choose the above mentioned treatment according to the advice of their Dentists Winnipeg. These all options are open, depends on your financial status how much you can bear. Bonding is a treatment to fix the teeth on their right place. Sometimes due to injury teeth needs such treatment. In this process, a substance same like tooth color is pasted to the tooth surface and a special light is used to harden this substance. It works like a plaster for your teeth and your teeth get fixed in a shape that you required. Bonding of teeth usually done of the people who are injured and their teeth has left their tooth. It’s an upper jaw treatment.

Variety of treatments:

Dental crown is another bets treatment to hide the broken or decayed teeth. A tooth shaped cape that fully cover the entire visible portion of the teeth. The front portion of the tooth is fully wrapped with crown above the gum line. Veneers are designed to cover the surface of the teeth. These are custom made shell made of porcelain, the tooth colored material. Veneers are used to cover the discolored teeth. Veneers can be used only for damage tooth. Recontouring of the tooth also called enameloplasty. Cosmetic dentists Winnipeg used this treatment to remove the small amount of enamel in order to change minimize the length of the teeth. Recontouring has certainly brought revolution in reshaping the teeth. The lengthy teeth which look so scary can now be shaped into normal length. So don’t lose the god gifted beauty until or unless you really need it.

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