Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Let’s Smile -- We Are Not The Only One Having Bad Teeth


I am sure you must have read about Vikings and their godly warfare sciences, or better yet, must have seen them in movies showing their blood ventures, vehemently slaying their enemies and shoving their heads off. Vikings are well known for their fiery masculine strength and its historically ferocious display. Spearheads, swords, daggers, arrows and bows, and battle axes were there commonly used weapons. And teeth also! Yes, I said TEETH and that too filed sharply.

A true Viking had to have his teeth filed so that he could devour and grind his opponent’s flesh apart, in worse cases eat it, as did Mike Tyson in his fight with Holyfield. But Tyson’s teeth aren’t filed at all, I see them as quite bad teeth that one could have in this world. You might be, and must be, wondering what this fuss is all about? Well, it’s all for talking about teeth, their different problems and their cures and solutions such as Dental Implants and things like that. So, enough for Vikings and Mike now!

In our times, man is known by the teeth that he keeps and how he keeps. Apparently we cannot do much about the teeth that we keep, but there are one hundred and thousand things about how we keep them. This may include checkups, cleanings, bite analysis, teeth whitening, invisalign, cosmetic veneers and even dental implants from Dental Winnipeg.

There are many of us, who are too afraid to laugh, believing that this might put others away from us. It’s negative, never acceptable.
Let’s brace ourselves for the truth. Not everyone in this world grows with good teeth. Even celebs from la la land, despite all their fortune and fame, have teeth worse enough to keep shut with their mouth zipped. It’s wise to clear right away that having bad teeth does not mean that they are bad. It rather means that teeth are not their biggest pluses in their haunting personalities. They know like crooked men, crooked teeth also cannot be straightened until or unless some science be applied intelligence.

To name few, Madonna goes above the list. Though bleached, her rabbit teeth are poorly spaced, wide enough to ask for tweeted plastering. Likewise, Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage and David Beckham were not born with great or even good looking chompers. It’s their Cosmetic Dentists who have brought them these pearly white and blinding teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is all about making and adjusting the look of patient’s teeth, his gums and eventually restoring his smiles. By the way somebody told Bill Clinton that his Hilary’s teeth are also bad and Monika Lewinski’s were not. Interestingly, he believed the second part of the story also.

Bad teeth is a broad term and can be caused through various reasons including inherited genetic set ups, poor hygiene or even physical injuries. It goes without saying that poor hygiene is a biggest turn down that one can reflect in his smile. Well, this type of bad teeth can be done away with special and regular care. On the other hand, for bad teeth caused due to physical injuries or genetic upshots, could be redressed through modern dental restorative treatments.

So, it’s time to set teeth right and things will get right ultimately.


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